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Sr.No.Month & YearHeadingBrand
1 June 2020 Channel Partners Appreciate RP tech India's Tech Tuesday Initiative RP tech India
2 June 2020 RP tech India announces availability of NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX NVIDIA
3 June 2020 RP tech India launches SSD Upgrade Offer for Customers RP tech India
4 June 2020 RP tech India Unveils Learn from Home (LFH) Solutions Portfolio RP tech India
5 May 2020 Rajesh Goenka, Director, RP tech India, Emphasizes on the Factors That are Helpful to Get the Best Out of Work From Home RP tech India
6 May 2020 RP tech India announces Green Zone offer for Channel Partners RP tech India
7 May 2020 RP tech India Unveils Work from Home (WFH) Solutions Portfolio RP tech India
8 May 2020 RP tech India’s Green & Orange Zone Offers gives Impetus to Channel Business RP tech India
9 April 2020 Enhancing On-Premise Solutions Market In India: ZNet Becomes A Distributor Of Acronis RP tech India
10 April 2020 Over 2000 people attend RP tech India’s first ever virtual awards night 2020 RP tech India
11 April 2020 RP tech India donates Rs 51 lakh to fight Covid-19 RP tech India
12 March 2020 RP tech India Enterprise Corporate Coverage RP tech India
13 February 2020 DT Year Book 2020: Mr. Kapal Pansari Profile RP tech India
14 February 2020 DT Year Book 2020: Mr. Rajesh Goenka Interview RP tech India
15 February 2020 DT Year Book 2020: Mr. Rajesh Goenka Profile RP tech India
16 February 2020 DT Year Book 2020: RP tech India Profile RP tech India
17 February 2020 Is Indian ICT business is coming to an edge RP tech India
18 February 2020 Post budget reaction: Mr. Suresh Pansari, Director, RP tech India RP tech India
19 February 2020 RP tech India introduces Ubiquiti® UniFi Protect G3 Video Surveillance Series in India RP tech India
20 January 2020 Asus – RP tech India completes 25 years of business partnership in India Asus
21 January 2020 Authored article - Technology Trends to Watch in 2020 RP tech India
22 January 2020 Interview - Mr. Kapal Pansari, 2nd Generation Entreppreneur, RP tech India RP tech India
23 January 2020 RP tech India, Lenovo and Microsoft highlight importance of genuine software for India RP tech India
24 December 2019 Authored Article - The Challenge of Obsolete technology in India RP tech India
25 December 2019 BH Interview - Mr. Pramod Sarawgi RP tech India
26 December 2019 Interview - Mr. Rajesh Goenka RP tech India
27 December 2019 RP tech India qouted in Cover story on E Waste RP tech India
28 December 2019 RP tech India successfully concludes PCD Training Program for Champions RP tech India
29 November 2019 Branch Head Interview - Mr. Nikhil Deora RP tech India
30 November 2019 RP tech India Brings Plantronics True Wireless Earbuds BackBeat PRO 5100 to the Market Plantronics
31 November 2019 RP tech India jons DDN Partner Link Program RP tech India
32 November 2019 RP tech India sensitizes over 700 partners on E Waste Management RP tech India
33 November 2019 Ubiquiti conducts roadshow for Networking partners RP tech India
34 November 2019 VAR India Star Nite Award 2019 RP tech India
35 October 2019 Key Trends Driving NAND Flash Memory Market in India  RP tech India
36 October 2019 RP tech India Sensitizes over 700 Partners on E-Waste Management RP tech India
37 October 2019 RP tech India, Ubiquiti Successfully Conduct Roadshow for Networking Partners RP tech India
38 September 2019 Branch Head Interview - Arun Radhakrishnan RP tech India
39 September 2019 RP tech India Joins DataDirect Networks' PartnerLink Program RP tech India
40 August 2019 ECS Launches new range of AI & Alexa enabled devices for Indian market ECS
41 August 2019 Interview - Rajesh Goenka talks about existing stategy and future roadmap at RP tech India RP tech India
42 August 2019 Interview of Mr. Arvind Pansari, Branch Head, Vidarbha, RP tech India RP tech India
43 August 2019 RP tech India – Logitech Celebrate 20 Years of Partnership Logitech
44 August 2019 RP tech India conducts knowledge seminar to educate over 100 champions RP tech India
45 August 2019 RP tech India Exclusive Distributor for Lenovo Consumer Business in MP RP tech India
46 August 2019 RP tech India offers TP-Link Partners Memorable Trip to Dubai TP Link
47 August 2019 RP tech India qoute in Gaming Cover Story RP tech India
48 August 2019 RP tech India testomonial in DT anniversary special issue RP tech India
49 August 2019 RP tech India Wins Highest Business Growth Achievement Award from Western Digital WD
50 July 2019 Colorful GTX 1650 Review Colorful
51 July 2019 Colorful RTX 2060 Colorful
52 July 2019 Colorful RTX 2080 Ti Advance OC Review Colorful
53 July 2019 Post Union Budget 2019 Comments by Mr. Suresh Pansari RP tech India
54 July 2019 RP tech India – Logitech Celebrate 20 Years of Partnership Logitech
55 July 2019 RP tech India listing in VAR India RP tech India
56 July 2019 Union Budget 2019 expectations - Comments by Mr. Suresh Pansari RP tech India
57 June 2019 ATEN inks partnership with RP tech to extend its reach ATEN
58 June 2019 Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Advanced OC Review Colorful
59 June 2019 Over 100 Champions Experience Lifestyle Trends @ RP tech RP tech India
60 June 2019 RP tech India signs distribution partnership with Colorful Colorful
61 May 2019 Interview: MG Prasad, Branch Head, Telangana RP tech India
62 May 2019 RP tech India Becomes Distributor of Super Micro Computer RP tech India
63 May 2019 RP tech India Opens 50 E-Waste Collection Centers Pan India RP tech India
64 May 2019 RP tech India signs distribution partnership with Colorful Colorful
65 May 2019 RP tech India Success Story RP tech India
66 April 2019 India's Top 10 VADs Supermicro
67 April 2019 Indias Top 8 IT Distributors Supermicro
68 April 2019 RP tech India Becomes Distributor of Super Micro Computer Supermicro
69 March 2019 Audio-Technica Announces Partnership With RP tech India Audio Technica
70 March 2019 Interiew - Mr. Rajesh Goenka RP tech India
71 March 2019 RP tech India celebrates its 30th anniversary in ICT industry RP tech India
72 February 2019 Mr. Kapal Pansari Profile RP tech India
73 February 2019 Mr. Rajesh Goenka Interview RP tech India
74 February 2019 Mr. Surech Pansari's reaction on Budget 2019 RP tech India
75 February 2019 RP tech Care Center: Committed to Delight Customers with World Class Service Support RP tech India
76 February 2019 RP tech India Enters Into Cloud Business with Acquisition of ZNet Technologies RP tech India
77 February 2019 Toshiba announces 16TB MG08 series HDDs RP tech India
78 February 2019 Toshiba extends CANVIO HDD portfolio RP tech India
79 February 2019 Union budget 2019 - Reaction of Mr. Suresh Pansari RP tech India
80 January 2019 How Channel Business Will Look Like in 2019 RP tech India
81 January 2019 Rajesh Goenka of RP tech India Explains About the Top Consumer Technology Trends to Watch in 2019 RP tech India
82 January 2019 Toshiba Announces 16TB MG08 Series Hard Disk Drives RP tech India
83 December 2018 Interview of Mr, Chirag Agarwal, Branch Head, RP tech India RP tech India
84 December 2018 IT VAR News Cover Story on Vendor-Partner Relations? Toshiba
85 December 2018 Over 5000 Consumers Experience Modern Technology at RP tech India’s TEL 2018 RP tech India
86 December 2018 RP tech India bets big on gaming hardware business in India RP tech India
87 December 2018 RP tech India Impact Feature RP tech India
88 December 2018 Toshiba adds new 4TB CANVIO Portable Hard Drive Model for safe and reliable personal data storage Toshiba
89 December 2018 Toshiba introduces new helium-sealed models to Their Hard Drive Product Line Toshiba
90 November 2018 Interview - Mr. Pawan Saraf, Branch Head, Pune, ROM RP tech India
91 November 2018 Mr. Kapal Pansari's comment in cover story on Chinese smartphone market in India RP tech India
92 November 2018 Plantronics Backbit 350 review Plantronics
93 November 2018 Plantronics Backbit Go 810 review Plantronics
94 November 2018 Plantronics unveils new line-up of headsets in India Plantronics
95 November 2018 Rashi Peripherals Rejuvenates its Corporate Identity; Now Known as RP tech India RP tech India
96 October 2018 Interview of Mr. Anil Pansari, Branch head, UP and Uttarakhand Rashi
97 October 2018 Plantronics Launches New Wireless Headset Series in India Plantronics
98 October 2018 Rashi Peripherals & Asus Ignite Passion For Sales Among Channel Partners Asus
99 September 2018 Apple XS and XS Max Launch Apple
100 September 2018 Interview of Mr. Rajesh Agrawal, Branch Head, Madhya Pradesh Rashi
101 September 2018 Rashi Peripherals Aspires to become a “One-Stop-Shop” for all IT Requirements Rashi
102 September 2018 Rashi Peripherals Company Listing Rashi
103 September 2018 Rashi Peripherals Kick-Starts Ambitious Touching Everyone’s Life (TEL) Event Rashi
104 August 2018 Interview - Mr. N K Bhimsaria, Branch Head, Haryana Rashi
105 August 2018 Rashi Peripherals Becomes National Distributor of TP-Link’s SMB Range in India TP Link
106 August 2018 Rashi Peripherals Successfully Concludes SI Partner Scheme Rashi
107 August 2018 Toshiba Announces New Mn07 Series Hard Drives Toshiba
108 July 2018 ECS Launched Small Efficient Silent LIVA Z2 and Z2V Mini PC ECS
109 July 2018 Industry Feedback on one year of GST Rashi
110 July 2018 Rashi Peripherals – ECS ‘Fly to Computex with LIVA’ Program Gets Big Thumbs Up from Partners ECS
111 July 2018 Rashi Peripherals Bets Big on Upcountry Markets for Business Expansion Rashi
112 July 2018 Rashi Peripherals Wins National Award for Marketing Excellence Rashi
113 June 2018 Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad Review Belkin
114 June 2018 Best CMOs in Indian ICT industry Rashi
115 June 2018 Best Indian Distributor 2017 - Rashi Peripherals Rashi
116 June 2018 Company Profile - Rashi Peripherals Rashi
117 June 2018 DT Award for Best National Distributor of the Year 2017 Rashi
118 June 2018 DT Partner Summit 2018 - Panel Discussion Rashi
119 June 2018 DT Partner Summit 2018 Glipms Rashi
120 June 2018 Interview - Mr. Satish Gupta, Branch Head, Rashi Peripherals Rashi
121 June 2018 Rashi Peripherals Betting Big on Deep Learning, AI and Deep Learning Rashi
122 June 2018 Rashi Peripherals Organizes Multi-City Partner Connect Meet For Upcountry Partners Rashi
123 May 2018 Interview -Mr. Alok Kedia, Branch Head, Rashi Peripherals Rashi
124 May 2018 Notebooks Heading Beyond Computing; Redefining Experience of Movie Watching Rashi
125 May 2018 Rashi Peripherals Redefines its Fundamental Strengths at ABR 2018; Announces Ambitious Growth Plan Rashi
126 April 2018 Interview - Service and Support will become the prime drivers for partners Rashi
127 April 2018 Success Story - Suresh Pansari The Legend Of Indian It And Mobility Industry Rashi
128 April 2018 Toshiba Releases Full Line-Up Of Consumer Hard Drives Toshiba
129 March 2018 Channel Talk: Kapal S Pansari, Director, Rashi Peripherals (Video) ECS
130 March 2018 ECS Liva Q is the world's smallest 4K Pocket PC ECS
131 March 2018 Elitegroup Computer eyes up to 18 pc growth in 2018 ECS
132 March 2018 Innovations and Disruptions: Rajshekhar Bhatt, India Country Manager, ECS (Video) ECS
133 March 2018 Mr. Rajesh Goenka's Profile Rashi
134 March 2018 Rashi Peripherals Profile Rashi
135 March 2018 Rashi Peripherals testimoneal Rashi
136 March 2018 Rashi Peripherals wins Business Contribution Award Rashi
137 March 2018 Rashi Peripherals wins first ever Distribution Leadership Award from Asus Rashi
138 March 2018 Toshiba Announces New 2 TB Hard Disk Drive For Client Storage Applications Toshiba
139 February 2018 Mr. Rajesh Goenka's Profile in DT Year Book 2018 Rashi
140 February 2018 Post budget reaction by Mr. Krishna Choudhary Rashi
141 February 2018 Rashi Peripherals Profile in DT Year Book 2018 Rashi
142 February 2018 Rashi Peripherals Wins Business Contribution Award From Western Digital Rashi
143 February 2018 Rashi Peripherals Wins First Ever Distribution Leadership Award From ASUS Rashi
144 January 2018 Belkin Qi Wireless Charger Review Belkin
145 January 2018 How Will Technology Influence Buying Patterns of Common Man in 2018 Rashi
146 January 2018 India Gaming Industry Cover story Rashi
147 January 2018 Rashi Peripherals Kick Starts SI Training Program For Partners Rashi
148 January 2018 Rashi Peripherals organizes Super Champion Meet in Mumbai Rashi
149 January 2018 Reaction on GST by Mr. Rajesh Goenka Rashi
150 January 2018 Reaction on GST by Mr. Rajesh Goenka (video) Rashi
151 January 2018 Top Trends to Influence Indian IT Channel Business In 2018 Rashi
152 January 2018 Toshiba Launches World's First 14TB Conventional Harddrive Toshiba
153 January 2018 Toshiba Storage Partners Complete Successful Voyage To Bali Toshiba
154 January 2018 Trends for IT channel Business in 2018 Rashi
155 December 2017 Rashi Peripherals – ECS Conduct Channel Connect Meet In Kolkata ECS
156 December 2017 Rashi Peripherals Successfully Concludes Super Champions Meet in Mumbai Rashi
157 December 2017 Rashi Peripherals Wins Prestigious Indywood IT Excellence Award Rashi
158 December 2017 Toshiba introduces 14TB HDD with Conventional Magnetic Recording Toshiba
159 December 2017 Toshiba Launches New 1TB HDD For Mobile Client Storage Applications Toshiba
160 November 2017 IT giants and Distributors meet together at The Fifth Annual DISTREE APAC Rashi
161 November 2017 Plantronics Backbeat 505 Review Plantronics
162 November 2017 Rashi Peripherals – ECS Conduct Channel Connect Meet In Kolkata Rashi
163 November 2017 Rashi Peripherals aims to maintain 25% CAGR in 2018 Rashi
164 November 2017 Rashi Peripherals and Plantronics offer Warranty Extension Program Plantronics
165 November 2017 Toshiba Launches New 1TB HDD For Mobile Client Storage Applications Toshiba
166 October 2017 iPhone X Arrives at Rashi Peripherals On November 3 Apple
167 October 2017 Rashi Peripherals Organizes One of its kind - WD Purple Channel Meet WD
168 October 2017 Rashi Peripherals Successfully Concludes Multi-City Enterprise Partner Meet Intel
169 September 2017 iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus Arrives India Via Rashi Peripherals Apple
170 September 2017 Rashi Peripherals - VOTO organizes Retailer Meet VOTO
171 September 2017 Rashi Peripherals has been in the forefront in launching GST awareness campaigns Rashi
172 September 2017 Rashi Peripherals has conceptualized many innovative programs to enable its partners Rashi
173 September 2017 Rashi Peripherals in Top 10 Distributors Rashi
174 September 2017 Rashi Peripherals Launches Plantronics Voyager 3240 Headset In India Plantronics
175 September 2017 Rashi Peripherals Organizes PCD Training Program To Outline Growth Prospects In PC Business Rashi
176 September 2017 VOTO now available from Rashi Peripherals VOTO
177 September 2017 Why gaming PC is the next big boon for IT vendors in India? Rashi
178 August 2017 GST: Big opportunity with trouble of sorts Rashi
179 August 2017 Rashi Peripherals conducts GST Awareness campaign for partners Rashi
180 August 2017 Voto Makes an entry into the Indian smartphone market Voto
181 August 2017 We are the most admired VAD in the country: Suresh Pansari, Rashi Peripherals CRN
182 July 2017 I think the major challenge is going to be matching up the transactions what the Government has proposed Rashi
183 July 2017 Most Admired Leader - Mr. Kapal Pansari Rashi
184 July 2017 Rashi Peripherals Component Meet Rashi
185 February 2017 Business world Roundtable on Budget 2017 Panal Discussion
186 January 2017 Rashi Peripherals focuses on digital india in XI edition of Channel Business Forum CBF XI
187 December 2016 Rashi Peripherals Announces Distribution of Asus Zenfone 3 max ASUS
188 December 2016 Toshiba Appoints rptech care center as national service Partner Toshiba
189 October 2016 ECS LIVA X- First Mini PC Receive Certificate of BIS in India ECS
190 October 2016 Rashi Peripherals awarded by Western Digital in EMAI at Prague Rashi -WD
191 October 2016 Top Distributors in ICT Industry : Rashi Peripherals Rashi
192 September 2016 Kingston appoints RPTech Care as the National Service Partner for India Kingston
193 September 2016 NVIDIA launches Jetson TX1 development board in India, brings artificial intelligence NVIDIA
194 September 2016 Plantronics Backbeat Pro headphones Plantronics
195 September 2016 Rashi to distribute new iPhones in India starting October 7 Apple
196 August 2016 Rashi Bags Award for its Consistent Performance for ECS ECS
197 August 2016 Rashi Peripherals And Toshiba In Association With Avtron kick Start A Massive Partner Meet Across India Toshiba
198 August 2016 Rashi Peripherals to be the distribution partner of Fitbit Fitbit
199 August 2016 View of Mr Rajesh Goenka Rashi
200 July 2016 Rashi Bags Award for its Consistent Performance for ECS ECS
201 July 2016 Rashi Peripherals brings in Plantronics Voyager 5200 to India Plantronics
202 July 2016 Rashi Peripherals Successfully Concluded Halla Bol Program for HP Adaptors HP
203 July 2016 View of Mr Rajesh Goenka on digitization Rashi
204 June 2016 ECS Channel Connect Event held in Ludhiana and Chandigarh ECS
205 June 2016 Rashi organized a Dealer Meet in Jaipur Intel
206 June 2016 Rashi Poised to Distribute ASUS Zenfone GO Asus
207 May 2016 Rashi Peripherals To Distribute The New Google Chromecast In India Google Chromecast
208 May 2016 Western Digital appoints Rashi Peripherals as key distributor in India Western Digital
209 April 2016 Netgear Awards Rashi as most valued Distributor Netgear
210 April 2016 Rashi Peripherals Bags Two Key Awards at Logitech Kick Off Logitech
211 April 2016 Rashi Peripherals end Customer Scheme Receives Over Thousand Subscriptions Rashi - SanDisk
212 April 2016 Toshiba concludes yet another Incentive trip in association with the true value added distributor Rashi Peripherals. Toshiba
213 March 2016 Rashi expands its portfolio by foraying into Lenovo Server Business Lenovo
214 March 2016 Rashi Poised To Distribute The ASUS Zenfone Zoom ASUS
215 March 2016 Rashi Set to Distribute iPhone SE in over 800 Retail Outlets in India Apple
216 February 2016 Plantronics launches Multipoint ML15 Bluetooth Plantronics
217 February 2016 Post Budget Reaction From Suresh pansari,Director,Rashi Peripherals Rashi
218 February 2016 Pre-budget Expectation-Mr Suresh Pansari - Director Rashi Peripherals Rashi
219 February 2016 Rashi & Toshiba Took Their Partners for a Trip of a Life Time Rashi - Toshiba
220 February 2016 Rashi Hosts Notebook Partner Training Sumit in Dubai. Rashi
221 February 2016 Rashi Peripherals all set to distribute the ASUS ZenPower ASUS
222 January 2016 Rashi - Optimistic for 2016 Rashi
223 January 2016 Rashi Peripherals to distribute ASUS ZenPad series Rashi/ASUS
224 January 2016 Rashi Peripherals to distribute Plantronics UC solutions Plantronics
225 December 2015 ECS India Announces Certificate Program For Channel Partners ECS
226 December 2015 Rashi Announces Availability of Plantronics Back Beat Sense Headphone Plantronics
227 December 2015 Rashi forays into the world of Unified Communication with Plantronics Plantronics
228 December 2015 Rashi steps out and assistsin relief operations in Chennai Rashi
229 November 2015 ECS India Announces Certificate Program for Channel Partners ECS
230 November 2015 Rashi and Crucial by Micron move up the ladder of success Crucial
231 November 2015 Stars of Indian IT Distribution Rashi
232 October 2015 Rashi treats its HP champions for an Exquisite Getaway to Colombo  Rashi - HP
233 October 2015 Rashi wins the award for The Best Distributor for new Partner Acquisition by Lenovo Rashi
234 October 2015 Rashi wins the coveted Best GEO Distributor Award APC
235 October 2015 View of Mr Kapal Pansari - Director Rashi Peripherals Rashi
236 October 2015 View of Mr Rajesh Goenka - Vice President Rashi Peripherals Rashi
237 September 2015 Matteo Conti, Regional Sales Director, India, Micron- Visit to India Micron
238 September 2015 Rashi gives a new Stimulus to The DIY PC ecosystem in India. Rashi
239 September 2015 Rashi Peripherals Announces RMA Application Rashi
240 September 2015 Rashi Peripherals details Rashi
241 August 2015 Channel will play critical role in Digital India initiative: Rajesh Goenka at DQ Week IT Distributor Conclave 2015 Rashi
242 August 2015 Crucial Ballistix Sport XT DDR3-1600 8GB Memory Module Review - Micron Arrives Micron
243 August 2015 Rashi is now among the top 32 IT companies in India Rashi
244 July 2015 ECS Mini PC Is Ready For Windows 10 ECS
245 July 2015 Featured Article of Mr.Rajesh Goenka, VP Sales and Maktg, Rashi Peripherals in Cell IT Rashi
246 July 2015 Quote of Mr.Rajesh Goenka, VP Sales and Maktg, Rashi Peripherals in SME Channels Rashi
247 July 2015 Rashi and Toshiba take its partners to Kashmir Rashi-Toshiba
248 July 2015 Rashi Peripherals announces smartphone application Rashi
249 July 2015 Rashi Peripherals organizes Proud to be a DIYPC champion program Rashi
250 June 2015 Quote of Mr.Rajesh Goenka, VP Sales and Maktg, Rashi Peripherals in Cell IT Rashi
251 June 2015 Rashi and Plantronics launch reward scheme for retailers Plantronics
252 June 2015 Rashi wins Best Distributor Award at Computex - Taipei Rashi- Leadtek
253 May 2015 ECS Announces Latest Mini PC LIVA X ECS
254 May 2015 Rashi gears up for the festive season Launches two new headsets by the innovator itself Plantronics Plantronics
255 May 2015 Rashi Launches One Of A Kind End Consumer Scheme Rashi - Asus
256 May 2015 Rashi Set To Distribute Asus’S Commercial Line Asus
257 May 2015 Rashi Wins Intel Top Distributor Award Intel
258 April 2015 Mr Kapal Pansaris Quote on Service Support - Key to a vendors success Rashi
259 April 2015 Rashi bags the “TOP BUSINESS DISTRIBUTION AWARD Rashi
260 April 2015 Rashi Considering Foray Into Cloud Services Rashi
261 April 2015 Rashi to Distribute Asus’s New Eebook ASUS
262 April 2015 Toshiba Announces 5TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive Toshiba
263 April 2015 Toshiba Rashi partners rejoice in Goa Toshiba
264 March 2015 Plantronics Partners Embark On An Exclusive Trip To U S Plantronics
265 March 2015 Rashi Product Watch - March 2015 Rashi
266 March 2015 Rashi to Distribute ASUS’ In-line Gaming Laptops Asus
267 March 2015 Rashi, SanDisk Educate Business Champions On Up-Selling Skills Rashi SanDisk
268 March 2015 Toshiba Unveils Canvio Connect II Portable Hard Drive Toshiba
269 February 2015 5 successful Years of Digital Terminal - Mr Rajesh Goenka s quote Rashi
270 February 2015 Rashi Peripherals: The Real Value Added Distributor - Mr Suresh Pansari's Interview Rashi
271 February 2015 Rashi Product Watch - February 2015 Rashi
272 February 2015 Toshiba announces 7mm Solid State Hybrid Drive Toshiba
273 February 2015 Worst is Over - Mr Rajesh Goenka's Interview Rashi
274 January 2015 Rashi Continues to mark success with its ongoing Annual flagship CBF X Rashi
275 January 2015 Rashi Product Watch - January 2015 Product Watch
276 January 2015 Toshiba Launches Industry's Largest Capacity 3TB 2.5 inch HDD Toshiba
277 November 2014 Buying a Toshiba 1TB Desktop HDD can help you Win a NANO Car Toshiba
278 September 2014 Plantronics Festive Scheme aims to reward retailers Plantronics
279 September 2014 Rashi’s SI 9 all set to regain its popularity among system integrators SI Scheme
280 August 2014 Mr Suresh Pansaris Quote in Market Focus - CRN Rashi
281 August 2014 Rashi Product Watch - August 2014 Product Watch
282 July 2014 ECS organizes an Inter-Café Gaming Championship in Bangalore ECS
283 July 2014 More than 300 partners attend the 8 city MOBOTIX-AG wake up seminar MOBOTIX-AG
284 July 2014 Mr Suresh Pansaris Quote about Union Budget Rashi
285 July 2014 Plantronics partners enjoy Tashkent Masti Plantronics
286 July 2014 Rashi Product Watch - July 2014 Product Watch
287 June 2014 Article on Mr Suresh Pansari Rashi
288 June 2014 Rashi bags the Best National Distributor Award by Lenovo third time in a row Lenovo
289 June 2014 Rashi increases focus on Lenovo exclusive partners business Lenovo
290 June 2014 Rashi Peripherals teams up with MOBOTIX AG for quality Surveillance Systems Solution Mobotix
291 June 2014 Rashi Product Watch - June 2014 Product Watch
292 June 2014 Toshiba and Rashi conclude a 4 city training program for surveillance partners Toshiba
293 May 2014 CRN Channel Champions Rashi
294 May 2014 NCN Awards Rashi Rashi
295 May 2014 Rashi Product Watch - May 2014 Product Watch
296 May 2014 RG's Quote Rashi
297 May 2014 Toshiba Announces High Capacity Hard Drives For Surveillance Applications Toshiba
298 April 2014 Rashi Peripherals Honored As Rising Distributor By Schneider Electric Rashi
299 April 2014 Rashi Product Watch - April 2014 Product Watch
300 March 2014 Polard Interview Toshiba
301 March 2014 Rashi Peripherals Celebrates 25 Magnificent Years in the IT Industry Rashi
302 March 2014 Rashi Product Watch - March 2014 Product Watch
303 March 2014 Toshiba wins Storage Manufacturer of the year award Toshiba
304 February 2014 Ninth edition of Rashi CBF ended successfully Rashi
305 February 2014 Rashi CBF becomes the first IT event in the newly formed 'Seemandhra' Rashi
306 February 2014 Rashi Champions enthralled to 'STRIVE for the Best' at RCM-XI Rashi
307 February 2014 Rashi Product Watch - February 2014 Product Watch
308 February 2014 Srinagar warms up to CBF IX at 4 degree extraordinary cold weather Rashi
309 January 2014 Rashi showcases Lenovo's SMB range at CBF IX Rashi-Lenovo