RP tech India Branch Head

Alok Kedia / Branch Head, RP tech India Tamil Nadu, Telangana, AP

With RP tech India now for 18 Years & Winner of BEST Branch Operations for several years. A peoples Man, Very hard working & Innovator, who strives to make Rp tech Induia as the number one distributor in India. Apart from being an ace student, with a gold medal in commerce to testify, he is an ardent contributor towards social causes.

Amit Khaitan / Branch Head, RP tech India Bihar

Charted accountant from Mumbai. Under his leadership the branch has seen phenomenal growth and has recently been awarded as the “Fastest growing Branch”.

Anil Pansari / Branch Head, RP tech India UP

With over 11 years into RP tech India, he has been constantly innovating himself to adapt the ever changing environment. A leader with a clear foresight, knows what has to be achieved and by when.

Chirag Agarwal / Branch Head, RP tech India Delhi

Most dynamic, ever young. Started with Jaipur but now leads the Delhi operations which is the largest for RP tech India. He is go getter and was the key to implement D2R business model for mobile business at RP tech India.

Kishore Pansari / Branch Head, RP tech India Punjab

A workaholic who not only enjoys his work, but also claims it to be the source of his motivation. With fifteen years put in by him into RP tech India, he has been one of RP tech India’s strong Pillars.

M. G Prasad / Branch Head, RP tech India Telangana

One of the best Sales Leader at RP tech India, a channels man, now with us for last 16 years. His vision is to see RP tech India listed in fortune five hundred companies.

Mukundan/ Branch Head, RP tech India Kerala

Senior most member of the RP tech India family with over twenty years put in, winner of Lifetime achievement award from government of Kerala, popularly known as uncle, is the backbone of RP tech India success in Kerala. His is also the inspiration to many branch Heads and a guide.

Nikhil Deora / Branch Head, RP tech India West Bengal

Intelligent & hard workings are the two adjectives that describe him best. Initially began with Patna but now heads RP tech India West Bengal operations with much grace. Ever since he took over the business has grown to almost 30%.

N.K Bhimsaria / Branch Head, RP tech India Haryana

In his eight years of service he has been, lauded for increasing the customer base in Haryana. A motivating figure is much looked up to by his fellow champions. Apart from his professional life Mr. Bhimsaria is a committed member with of Rotary International.